M-Scheme II & III Yr Diploma in Engg syllabus

1Diploma in Civil EngineeringFT,SW,PT1010-2010-3010
2Diploma in Architectural AssistantshipFT1012
3Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringFT,SW,PT1020-2020-3020
4Diploma in Automobile EngineeringFT1021
5Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Machine Tools Maintenance & Repair)SW2022
6Diploma in MetallurgyFT1026
7Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Tool & Die)FT1220
8Diploma in Production EngineeringFT1025
9Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Ref. & A/C)FT1221
10Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Foundry)SW2021
11Diploma in Marine EngineeringFT1027
12Diploma in Agricultural TechnologyFT1222
13Diploma in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringFT,SW,PT1030 - 2030 - 3030
14Diploma in Electronics and Communication EngineeringFT,PT1040 - 3040
15Diploma in Electronics(Robotics) Engineering / MechatronicsFT,SW1047-2047-1049
16Diploma in Instrumentation and Control EngineeringFT1042
17Diploma in Computer EngineeringFT1052
18Diploma in Computer Networking EngineeringFT1053
19Diploma in Information TechnologyFT1046
201060 - 2060FT,SW1060 - 2060
21Diploma in Textile ProcessingFT,SW1061 - 2061
22Diploma in Applied Arts and Crafts (Fashion and Apparel Design)FT1226
23Diploma in Textile Technology (Man made fiber)FT1225
24Diploma in Textile Marketing and ManagementFT1064
25Diploma in Garment TechnologyFT1066
26Diploma in Fashion TechnologyFT1223
27Diploma in Textile Technology(Knitting)FT1068
28Diploma in Apparel TechnologyFT1069
29Diploma in Textile Technology (Textile Design and Weaving)FT1224
30Diploma in Chemical EngineeringFT,SW1076 - 2079
31Diploma in Petro-Chemical EngineeringFT1075
32Diploma in Polymer TechnologySW2074
33Diploma in Sugar TechnologyFT1074
34Diploma in Ceramic TechnologySW2080
35Diploma in Leather TechnologySW2101
36Diploma in Printing TechnologyFT1202