1 Circular on Transfer/ Readmission /Readmission cum Transfer Odd semester 2018-19 CLICK HERE
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7 First year 2018-19 Closure of Admission Circular CLICK HERE
8 “Transfer/Readmission cum Transfer ODD Semester-2018-19” _ List of Approval Students. CLICK HERE
9 “Readmission ODD Semester-2018-19”_List of Approval Students CLICK HERE
10 Circular for PG(MBA/MCA/M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch) Degree Courses 2018-19 students detail submitted to web portal. NEW
11 Readmission even semester 2018-19- Circular-Reg NEW
12 Readmission Even Semester -2018-19- Readmission Approval List NEW
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14 Circular on Transfer/ Readmission/Readmission cum Transfer Odd Semester 2019-20 NEW